Refined Alexander Cocktail

This cocktail takes it name from the original Alexander Cocktail, which calls for some form of spirit combined with chocolate liqueur and cream.

Refined Alexander Cocktail follows this ‘formula’, combining our own products: Applewood Gin and rich Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur, and cream, to make a delicious after-dinner drink.

As per the original recipe, this cocktail has the appearance of a milkshake but it’s definitely a drink suitable only for people aged 18 years and over!

This is a simple, yet delicious drink so why not give it a try?

Glass:                   Cocktail / Coupette

Method:                Shake

Garnish:                Grated Nutmeg (Optional)


Best Season To Enjoy:    Winter/Autumn (Or the holiday season for that white Christmas feel)



  • 30ml Applewood Gin
  • 30ml Mozart Dark
  • 30ml cream