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10 Easy Cocktail Ideas for Christmas and NYE!

Dec 24 2017 0 Comments christmas cocktails drinks new year recipes

Tis the season to delight your guests with sumptuous foods and spread the holiday cheer with these easy cocktails ideas. Add any of these cocktails to your list and have a merrier Christmas and happier New Year's Eve! 

Gin: Shaken, Not Stirred Sophistication

Aug 29 2017 0 Comments Elegance Spirits Wines

Gin: Shaken, Not Stirred Sophistication Ahhh gin!  One of the most refreshing, delicious spirits on the market…and a personal favourite!  Dating back to the early 1600s, gin has been a popular drink.  Speculation arises as to when and where the first bottles were distilled, though the majority of its history begins in Holland. Originally known for its medicinal properties in treating stomach issues, kidney problems, and gout, gin became popularised as British soldiers needed a little “Dutch Courage” to get through the cold nights and ferocious battles of the Eighty Years War. In the tropics, gin was added to quinine...

Elegance in a Bottle

Aug 11 2017 0 Comments Elegance Spirits Wines

Elegance in a Bottle – Refined Spirits 

Six months ago, Refined Spirits was launched with the focus of providing a new online experience for spirit connoisseurs. The idea of providing access to the best wines and spirits appealed to me and, like most things, it is ever-evolving.  Refined Spirits started as a platform for spirits. Since then, we have expanded the store to include wines and chocolate.  I couldn’t be more excited about the direction we are heading: my two favourite things combined into a great customer experience!