Elegance in a Bottle – Refined Spirits 

Six months ago, Refined Spirits was launched with the focus of providing a new online experience for spirit connoisseurs. The idea of providing access to the best wines and spirits appealed to me and, like most things, it is ever-evolving.  Refined Spirits started as a platform for spirits. Since then, we have expanded the store to include wines and chocolate.  I couldn’t be more excited about the direction we are heading: my two favourite things combined into a great customer experience!

Culinary experts and wine and spirit aficionados will agree in that a meal is an experience.  Savoury tastes that tantalise your taste buds are best complimented by drinks that enhance the flavour and bring out the rich essence of foods.  A simple steak can become a gourmet dish when paired with the perfect red wine.  Fresh fish sautéed and finished with a lemon-caper sauce is highlighted by a Sauvignon Blanc. Rich chocolate mousse paired with a crisp Champagne creates a flavourful experience you’ll never forget.

Our goal at Refined Spirits is to bring the fantastic world of these amazing flavours to your door.  The labels are hand-picked, chosen for their taste, origin, nuance, and style.  Our store gives you the rare opportunity to peruse our offerings at your own pace and it provides a collection of unique products for any price range.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll delve into more detail about our brands.  In the meantime, here is just a sample on what you can find at Refined Spirits:



Cognac and brandy: Experience the history of the Cognac region in France with our Rémy Martin selection which includes the elusive and coveted LOUIS XIII – this indeed is the epitome of elegance…Elegance in a Bottle.

Sail to Greece for a sip of METAXA Brandy – a beautiful blend of woody, flowery, and fruity aromas.  Create a summer cocktail or simply enjoy the flavours on its own.

Whisky: Scottish Whisky, Irish Whisky, Single Malt, or blended; whatever your palette craves, Refined Spirits carries.  Smooth peaty blends or single malts with a vanilla and honey nose are sure to capitalise on the tastes of your dining experience.

Liqueurs: As a standalone or mixed with your favourite spirit, our liqueurs offer a variety of flavours, tastes, and aromas.  Almond notes of Disaronno; the orange essence in Cointreau, or the herbal tones of Green Chartreuse offer your mouth a sensory experience like never before!

Gin and Vodka: The botanical aromas of gin or the smooth finish of vodka are popular choices when searching for unique flavours that act as a main ingredient to your drink.  The endless creations of these spirits allow you to craft a cocktail to suit any palate.  We love to hear from you, so if you have a  favourite cocktail recipe, send it in and we will feature it in our store!

Rum and Tequila:  Take your taste buds on an adventure of a lifetime from the beaches of Barbados to the agave fields of Mexico.  We offer Mount Gay Rum as well as Sierra Tequila.  Set sail for the tropics with any one of these spirits.



In addition to our vast array of spirits, Refined Spirits carries imported wines with an emphasis on French wine.  We carry boutique varietals often only found in restaurants or direct from the winery.  We can source products, too – just let us know what you are looking for.  Our growing wine list includes red blends and Burgundy, whites, rosés, Champagne, Prosecco and sparkling wines, and dessert wines.

Wines bring out the flavour of a dish and capture the essence of the ingredients.  Drink what you like or expertly pair your plate with a varietal ideal to your cuisine.  The sweet, dry flavours of Riesling wines captivate the spicy blends of a Thai recipe.  The crisp fruity flavours of a prosecco boost the flavours of a rich, creamy butternut pumpkin soup.

Host a pairing party matching two or more varietals per dish for a unique experience that will delight your guests.



Finishing off your experience is the newest edition to our store: Artisan Chocolate!  Our Chocolate Crafted for Wine selection features Australia’s award winning Cuvée Chocolate which heightens your wine tasting experience with chocolate.  Pair our Soleo Milk Chocolate with any of our rosé or white wines, the Grand Cru with a glass of Parnasse Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Amphora Dark Chocolate with Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac, Bianco White Chocolate with any of our Champagnes or Proseccos.  Top off a magical evening with the exquisite richness of Noir Extra Dark Chocolate and an Irish Single Malt Whisky.

Our products are meant to be enjoyed alone or shared with others for a one-of-a-kind experience. They’re guaranteed to enchant your senses!  The marriage of the botanicals and fruit essences of wine and spirits with decadent chocolates is a perfect gift for a culinary enthusiast or for the hard-to-shop-for relative.  Tempt your guests with a pairing party and experience a world of flavours, tastes, and aromas.

We look forward to the opportunity of bringing our love for wine, spirits, and artisan chocolate to your home.  Connect with us online to share your favourites and help us grow our community with the love of intense, aromatic flavours.  First time visitors to our site can sign up to receive 5% off their first order, and 10% discounts are always available for case orders.

We invite you and your friends to experience, first hand, the amazing world of our boutique online liquor store offering premium spirits and imported wines.  We deliver to all of Australia and are always available to answer your questions.  Visit us at https://refinedspirits.com.au/ and enter the world of elegance and sophistication with any one of our selections.  You’re guaranteed to find the perfect combination to enhance your dining experience.  Check in with us often, as you’re sure to find ever changing selections and improvements.

Join us in our journey as we discover new and exciting flavours!  We welcome your ideas and experiences and thank you for being a part of this endeavour with us.  At Refined Spirits, we bring you the finest, premium goods without the premium cost.  Get your quality spirits and wine delivered directly to your door, and have more time to savour the experience of the world’s best products.