Gin: Shaken, Not Stirred Sophistication

Ahhh gin!  One of the most refreshing, delicious spirits on the market…and a personal favourite!  Dating back to the early 1600s, gin has been a popular drink.  Speculation arises as to when and where the first bottles were distilled, though the majority of its history begins in Holland. Originally known for its medicinal properties in treating stomach issues, kidney problems, and gout, gin became popularised as British soldiers needed a little “Dutch Courage” to get through the cold nights and ferocious battles of the Eighty Years War.

In the tropics, gin was added to quinine and water (tonic water) to dispel the bitter taste of quinine, the only known medicine for malaria prevention at the time and a method to keep the mozzies away.  The juniper flavours of gin improved the taste and hence, the creation of the gin and tonic!

Locally, gin was introduced to Australia in the early 1800s as the British and Dutch influences migrated south.  The gin boom was felt worldwide and quickly became a favourite amongst all classes.  Affordable and strong, gin surpassed beer and wine sales in every country.

Fast forward to the 20th century and you might remember James Bond’s famous line: “shaken, not stirred.”  The popularity of the gin martini swelled as movie fans attempted to recreate Bond’s Vesper Martini.  While Ian Fleming’s recipe technically calls for 3 parts gin, 1 part vodka, and a half a measure of Lillet Blanc, the martini gained worldwide traction and sales of gin skyrocketed.

In Australia, we are currently seeing an increase in gin distilleries as distillers are creating their own blends highlighting the botanicals, fruits, and spices indigenous to our region.  Just as craft brewers enthralled beer enthusiasts, gin distilleries offer a tasting culture enhancing the agriculture that grows throughout the country.  All gins incorporate the juniper berry, but it is the creativity and depth that each unique distiller brings to their product which has ignited the growth of gin.

Gin is one of our best sellers at Refined Spirits.  We love its versatility and flavour and, because it pairs well with a huge variety of mixes, it can be used for a wide array of cocktails.  Shopping online at Refined Spirits opens doors into the world of gin!  Explore our varieties and learn why Australians appreciate the essence, piquancy, and tastes that make up this aromatic spirit.  Create your own tasting amongst friends, or keep it all to yourself!

Gin is a great spirit to share with friends or pair with foods.  For a gin tasting party, assign every guest to bring a different bottle of gin and food dish and compare notes as you work your way through the aromatic tastes and differences.  In fact, here are just a few of the foods we enjoy with this delicious spirit:

Spicy foods:  Asian, Thai, and Indian cuisine all have fiery flavours that complement the earthy, sweet botanicals of gin.  The spirit also acts as unique palette cleanser that enhances every single bite.

Rich, pungent cheeses:  Goat cheese, blue cheese, and other pungent cheeses blend with gin’s herbal undertones for a unique tasting experience.

Seafood: Prawns and salmon are particularly amazing with the citrus flavours of gin.  Hidden notes of lemon, lime, and orange are unearthed when seafood and gin unite.

Fried foods:  The rich battered goodness of flour seasoned with aromatics and spices pair well with the sweet essence of gin.  The citrus tones and botanicals balance the richness of the flavourful coating.

The list goes on!  The bottom line is encourage yourself to explore new flavours and treat yourself to the world of gin.  Read on for our favourite gins and stay tuned for new recipes incorporating our products.

Applewood Gin—Originating from South Australia, Applewood Gin is distilled from grapes and displays notes of juniper berries, ginger and angelica root, coriander seed, cardamom, and citrus peel.  The lemon and orange characteristics matched with a floral fragrance gives this spirit depth and animation.  This gin pairs well with seafood and spicy foods.  Garnish with a sprig of lemon thyme and serve chilled up or over ice with an orange peel twist.

Prohibition Gin—Another citrus enhanced gin, Prohibition Gin from South Australia showcases notes of lime and orange along with the peppery tones of juniper.  The refreshing tendencies are enhanced with a light sweetness of vanilla and lavender for true sophistication.  Partner Prohibition Gin with cheeses, raw veggies, scallops, or sushi for an unforgettable dining experience.

Vedrenne le Gin 1 & 9—The botanical depth of France’s Vedrenne le Gin 1 & 9unites juniper berries, orange peel, chilli pepper, cardamom and coriander to create a rich blend of elegance.  It bursts with flavour and leaves a long lasting finish of citrus and spice.  Pair le Gin 1 & 9 with crisp salads, bright fruit, rich cheeses, or spicy dishes.  The sensations and nuances of this gin are premium on their own or with tonic and a lime garnish.

The Botanist Gin—Originating from South Scotland on the small island of Islay, the hidden treasures of the earth unite to create this amazing, complex gin.  Botanicals are hand-foraged throughout the countryside delivering an expertly balanced gin while tones of juniper, apple mint, and coriander uncover notes of citrus, honey, and heather.  Enjoy The Botanist Gin with lamb, hearty, pungent cheeses, or fish and experience a burst of flavour like no other.

As you can see, gin goes well with just about everything.  Enjoy it up, neat, chilled, blended, mixed, or of course, shaken, not stirred.  We bring you the best Wines and Spirits at Refined Spirits and are always on the hunt for a great tasting experience.  Our boutique online liquor store offers you an online shopping experience like no other!  Imported Wines and Premium Spirits along with local, award winning Cuvee Chocolates lets you select from a wide array of styles.  Sign up online to receive 5% off your first order or take advantage of our 10% case discount.

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