Wine Gifts and Accessories - For Any Occasion!

Wine Gifts and Accessories - For Any Occasion!

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I love Christmas time. It means spending precious moments with family, having wonderful meals, and of course, exchanging gifts. Whether it is a host gift or a Christmas one, I love picking out just the right thing to make the receiver happy. That is why I am so excited to share my new line of wine gifts and accessories with you. No matter what kind of party or celebration you are going to, you are sure to find the perfect gift here! From funny bags to cheerful coasters, and from witty tea towels to festive wall hangings, I have a selection that is sure to please everyone on your list.


Wine is perhaps the most common host gift, so why not make your bottle of wine stand out a bit by presenting it in one of my new canvas wine bottle bags? There are three to choose from, each with a playful quote that is sure to make your host laugh. For the birthday girl or guy, there’s the “Wine is the best cure for birthdays” bag, which is sure to be a hit. And for any Christmas parties, there are two other bags to choose from, “Wine a little, laugh a lot,” and “Wine is always a good idea”.  Wine bags are the perfect way to give your host gift a unique and festive touch and, as an added bonus, because these bags are made of canvas instead of paper or plastic, they are reusable and therefore, they are eco-friendly! Your host can use the canvas bag over and over again, whenever they bring a bottle of wine somewhere, or they can have it out in their kitchen as an added decoration. These bags are an easy way to add a fun touch to whatever room they are in. Whichever wine bag you decide to give your host, this gift is sure to be a crowd favourite!


I am sure that you have at least one friend or family member who loves to have people over- and who also wants to keep their tables free from any condensation rings- and for that person, wine coasters are absolutely the way to go. I offer two different sets, one that comes in white with gold lettering and one that comes in navy with gold lettering, so whichever set you choose will be sure to match your friend’s decoration aesthetic. The set of four coasters includes two different sayings, “Wine a little, laugh a lot” and “Wine is always a good idea”. For a really fun twist, why not give your friend one set of each! The navy and white will look beautiful together, the gold lettering will make the look appear cohesive, and this will add a fun pop of colour to any coffee table. Plus, as an added benefit, more coasters mean more drink holders and therefore a bigger guest list! I love going to Christmas parties; the more the merrier I always say. Your friend can now host parties without worrying about any condensation rings lingering on their coffee table.



For the person on your list who gets a lot of use out of their kitchen, I have wine-themed tea towels. These towels are perfect for adding a bit of humour into a well-used kitchen. There are two options, one that says, “Turn to wine and dance on the table,” and another one reading, “It’s wine o’ clock somewhere,”. My suggestion is to give the first one to your friend who loves to dance-or who thinks that they can dance once they have had a drink or two- and give the second one to your friend who loves to travel. Both towels will be a fun addition to any kitchen. I personally love having fun tea towels in my kitchen; it is one of the easiest ways to decorate, as well as one of the most versatile. I can change out my tea towels any time I like, and by doing so I can change up the decorations in my kitchen. Plus, when Christmas time arrives, I can set out festive ones to make my kitchen feel festive without worrying that there will be too many decorations cluttering my counter. Help your friends start their own collection, themed after the drink that brings everyone together: wine.


And of course, for the friend who already has it all, who loves hosting each and every party throughout the season, I carry two different signboards, one in red and one in white. These sign boards are a wonderful addition to any wall or table and can help to brighten up a room. My suggestion is to place one or both of these signboards near the drink table or bar at the party. It helps to lend a festive mood to an area that otherwise might not be decorated, and it is an easy way to designate the drink station. Whether you think your friend will want the white signboard that reads, “Life is what happens between wine and coffee,” or the bold red that reads “All we need is love, and sometimes we need wine,” these boards are sure to be a hit. Perhaps your friend could even use both boards to bookend the drink station: The white board near the white wine and the red board near the red wine? If that seems too obvious then play around with the set up. The white board could also go well near your friend’s morning coffee station in her kitchen.


Pairing any of these fun wine accessories with a bottle of wine or a popular spirit is a sure way to create a memorable gift and show the people in your life that they bring a lot of joy to your life. And if you read this list and found that you wanted some of these new accessories for yourself, go ahead and get them! Just make sure you are the one hosting the event so that you can show everyone your new party accessories.

Visit my boutique online liquor store at to view all the collections. Browse through the local and imported wines and spirits, learn about preserving your wine, and start your gift list  - Christmas is fast approaching!




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