What is Winesave?

Winesave is a premium wine preservation product, made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food grade argon - an absolutely harmless, completely inert gas that is tasteless, colourless, flavourless, and heavier than air which when applied into a bottle of wine simply comes to rest on top of the surface of the wine forming a protective layer against oxidation.

  • Is winesave safe? 

    Yes - argon is a naturally occurring gas making up ~1% of our atmosphere. We breathe in argon with every breath we take.

    Argon is inert, in that it does not react with anything. It can do no harm.

    In addition, the amount of argon introduced into the bottle is relatively small in volume. When the wine is poured, the argon will flow out of the bottle and return to the atmosphere.

    Some may well fall into the glass but it will instantly become highly diluted as a result of the turbulence created by the pouring process.

  • When winesave is used in a closed container, it sits on top of whatever is in the container forming a barrier between the contents and the air.

    Here’s a list we’ll keep updated of things that customers have reported using winesave to successfully preserve:

    • wines (duh)
      • riesling
      • chardonnay
      • sauvignon blanc
      • syrah / shiraz
      • merlot
      • cabernet sauvignon
      • pinot noir
      • Burgundy / Bourgogne (yes, even the most fragile of them)
      • sparkinging wines
        • champagne
        • prosecco
    • scotch / whisky / whiskey
    • liqueurs
    • oils
      • olive oil
      • peanut oil
    • food (in closed containers)
      • meats
      • cheese
    • chemicals
      • photography chemicals
  • Argon is nature's perfect wine preserver, most notably because it's:

    • natural
    • harmless
    • tasteless
    • odourless
    • colourless
    • completely inert
    • multiple times heavier than air
    • has oxidation reaction reducing qualities
  • While we can't disclose some of the details that go into the design and manufacturing of winesave (it's top secret), however here are a handful of things that make winesave special:

    1. We Invented This Category - winesave is the world's first ever hand-held dispenser of argon, invented in 2009. And we've perfected the product over almost a decade of experience. Other gases WILL react with your wine and change its nature.
    2. Our Gas is as Pure as is Possible - unlike some other products that use a "pea soup" of gases, winesave is made with as pure as possible high-quality, food-grade, all-natural, argon.
    3. The Tube Makes a Difference - how the argon is dispensed into the bottle makes a huge difference. It took us numerous iterations to get our tube just right. The length, the material, the thickness of the outer diameter, the width of the inner diameter, the flexibility... all refined for the optimum dispensing of argon into your bottle with maximum efficiency.
    4. It Just Feels Good - we didn't just want to merely "bottle argon", we wanted to create a premium wine accessory. Every millimetre of our product was designed to create a premium experience, including the weight at the base of our can that's made of pure zinc (100% recyclable) to not only give the can superior stability, but also makes the can feel great in your hands.
    5. We Care, A lot - we care a lot about wine (ensuring it tell's it's true story), about customers (ensuring they receive excellent service), our product (that it's created with high levels of quality assurance).

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