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Why use winesave

Hey, Wine Lovers! We've all been there at some point...
    • you just want a glass or two, but don't want to have to finish the bottle
    • you want to open that second bottle, but can't drink all of it
    • you'd love to have a glass of sparkling before dinner, but then a glass of still with dinner.
    • you opened a bottle, but then realized you'd prefer a different one
    • you have a few bottles you'd love to taste


Many wine lovers all over the world have said the same thing after using winesave... being able to confidently save a bottle for later changes how you drink wine forever.
    • Reduce Stress - no more worrying about what to do with the rest of the wine after you've had enough for now.
    • Experiment More - buy that other bottle of wine you're interested in, and even open multiple bottles at the same time.
    • Please Everybody - if you're spouse wants a glass of red and/or your friend wants some of that champagne, but you want a glass of white... check, check, and check.
    • Mix it Up - have a glass of wine with dinner, winesave the bottle, then feel free to have a glass of scotch as a nightcap.
    • Saves Money - no more throwing leftover wine down the drain after keeping the opened bottle for too long.


Dear Wine Professionals,

Whether you're an owner/manager of a restaurant, bar, or cellar door at a vineyard, it's vital that you keep your opened bottles of wine fresh for your customers.

You have options, but none as easy, affordable, and scalable as winesave. Here are some reasons why you should use winesave:

    • Easy to Use - you and your staff are busy throughout the day serving customers and tired in the evening/night cleaning and getting ready for the next busy day. Imagine being able to protect a bottle of wine in one second. That's how much time winesave takes.  No complicated gadget. No instruction manual. No training required. Insert, press, close.
    • More Affordable - Zero upfront investment required. No big piece of equipment. No expensive gadget with even more expensive refills required. A single canister of winesave PRO will protect up to one hundred and fifty (150) bottles of wine. It works out to be less than a quarter per bottle of wine.
    • Highly Scalable - how many wines do you have open at any one time? Five, ten, fifty, a hundred. With winesave, you go about your business throughout the workday. Focus on your customers. Then at the end of the day, one second of winesave in each bottle, regardless of the number of bottles. No need to share gadgets. No tough decisions to make as to which ones go in the machine. Feel free to grow (or shrink) your wine by the glass offerings as needed.



Winesave is a premium wine preservation product, made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food grade argon - an absolutely harmless, completely inert gas that is tasteless, colourless, flavourless, and heavier than air which when applied into a bottle of wine simply comes to rest on top of the surface of the wine forming a protective layer against oxidation.


Short Version

Winesave stores high-quality, food-grade argon gas under pressure which when dispensed into an opened bottle preserves the wine by forming an inert barrier that stops spoilage from oxygen, without affecting the characteristics of the wine.

Long Version

The reason why your opened bottle of wine starts to go bad, or taste like vinegar, is due to oxidation, i.e. oxygen coming in contact with the wine and reacting with it. To keep your leftover wine from spoiling, you need to keep oxygen away from your wine.
The wine industry has used gases like argon for years to help keep wines during bottling.  Argon is a naturally occurring gas that makes up ~1% of our atmosphere. We breathe in argon with every breath. So it's 100% natural and completely harmless.


 Argon is quite unique in that it's:

    • Colourless
    • Odourless
    • Flavourless
    • Reacts with absolutely nothing
    • Heavier than air

    Because of these qualities, argon is the ideal protector for wine.  When it's released into the bottle, it settles on top of the surface of the wine, displaces the air containing oxygen, and forms a protective layer over the wine.

    When you're ready to enjoy the rest of the bottle, simply pour the wine into your glass (or decanter) as usual, and the argon simply returns to the atmosphere (from which it came).


    Frequently asked questions


    When winesave is used in a closed container, it sits on top of whatever is in the container forming a barrier between the contents and the air.

    Here’s a list we’ll keep updated of things that customers have reported using winesave to successfully preserve:

    - wines

    • riesling
    • chardonnay
    • sauvignon blanc
    • syrah / shiraz
    • merlot cabernet sauvignon
    • pinot noir Burgundy / Bourgogne (yes, even the most fragile of them)
    • sparkling wines champagne prosecco

    - scotch / whisky / whiskey

    - liqueurs

    - oils

    • olive oil
    • peanut oil

    - food (in closed containers)

    • meats
    • cheese

    - chemicals

    • photography chemicals

    Coravin™ is cool and does work for keeping wines for an extended time, especially corked wines.

    But if you're a wine lover who wants to keep any wine till the next time, winesave offers a number of advantages:

    • Easier to Use - Insert, press, cover... doesn't get any easier than that.
    • Cheaper to Buy/Use - ~$30 for up to 150 applications/bottles vs.~$300 + ~$3/bottle.
    • Works on Any Bottle Type out of the box - not just cork. If you're a wine professional who serves wines by the glass, all of the above, plus:
    • Zero Training - your staff can't screw anything up (or break/bend anything).
    • Highly Scalable - no bottlenecks (pun intended) when offering large numbers of wines by the glass. More
    • Flexibility - freedom to include screwcap wines in your by the glass selection.

    We guarantee that if you winesave your wine (properly), it WILL last longer than if you didnt.

    If your favourite wine typically lasts X days before starting to degrade, then after using winesave (properly) you will notice that your wine will now last MORE than X days.

    Yes - argon is a naturally occuring gas making up ~1% of our atmosphere. We breath in argon with every breath we take.

    Argon is inert, in that it does not react with anything. It can do no harm.
    In addition, the amount of argon introduced into the bottle is relatively small in volume. When the wine is poured, the argon will flow out of the bottle and return to the atmosphere.

    Some may well fall into the glass but it will instantly become highly diluted as a result of the turbulence created by the pouring process.

    While winesave is the easiest wine preservation solution possible, here are some detailed tips for maximising winesave.

    Step 1: Remove the cap from the canister, fit the flexible rubber tube onto the nozzle, and insert the tube into the bottle so that the tip is no less than 4cm above the wine and facing the side of the bottle (this will help prevent the wine from being splashed by the discharging gas).

    Step 2: Press the nozzle for about one second (count from 1 to 2, then release). You may want to press for another second or two longer, if any of the following: the bottle is larger than normal, e.g. a large magnum-sized bottle the bottle is almost empty and the wine is worth an extra application you have to travel with the bottle for a long time, e.g. in the car on the way home the wine is very fragile, e.g. a good Burgundy the wine is exceptionally expensive and you just want to be extra sure (even though not technically required) you know you’ll want to keep the wine for as long as possible, e.g. months 

    Step 3: Without delay, i.e. as soon as possible within a second, replace the bottle cap, cork or stopper and then: keep the bottle upright (to minimise surface area) carefully, so as not to agitate the wine, move the bottle to a dark, cool location optionally put it in a fridge (carefully and upright) if you need to keep the wine for a long time, e.g. weeks or months, but ideally not in the fridge door as it’ll agitate the wine every time you open and close the door If you have any best practices, please let US know!

    While the argon gas can't go bad or deteriorate in any way, it is recommended that you use the can within 12 months of purchase.

    We also recommend storing winesave alongside your wines in a cool location away from sunlight.