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Each LOUIS XIII Cognac decanter is hand blown and beautifully decorated with fleurs-de-lis. And each one is made of 24-karat gilded Baccarat crystal. The distinctive design was inspired by, and is a replica of, a metal flask found on a battle site in 1569, in Jarnac, France.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of having your own ‘elegance in a bottle’, housed in the most gorgeous of red gift boxes. The inside is mirrored to reflect the beauty and craftsmanship that only a LOUIS XIII cognac can master.  This red coffret (gift box) is simply a treasure to behold and cherish – a masterpiece that awaits you.



RÉMY MARTIN is the only major house to specialise in Fine Champagne Cognac. As a négociant (merchant/trader) since 1724 when the House was founded, all of the un-aged eaux-de-vie are purchased only after thorough screening by chef de cave/cellar master, Baptiste Loiseau.

As early as 1738, King of France Louis XV recognised the exceptional quality of Rémy Martin cognac and granted a special dispensation to allow the House to plant vines on land usually kept for cereals. The vines there supply only 4% of the company’s needs but are used to demonstrate how to grow the grapes and for horticultural experimentation. 95% of Rémy Martin Cognacs are made from Ugni Blanc grapes, with the remainder being a combination of Colombard and Folle Blanche.


The creation in 1874 of LOUIS XIII Cognac actually began one hundred and fifty years prior in 1724. The House of Rémy Martin, in the French region of Cognac, started by acquiring the best and most suitable areas of land for vine growing. This whole area called Grande Champagne, with its chalky soil and high limestone content, and is the most sought after in the region, is where the grapes used to blend LOUIS XIII cognac come from, exclusively. In order to continue with the creation of this refined spirit, the existing cellars had to be extended fifty years later in 1774 to allow old eaux-de-vie to develop.

A century later in 1874, the cognac named after King Louis XIII, had now been crafted. The French king during his reign was the first monarch to recognise cognac among the many eaux-de-vie to be in a category of its own, and he was also the reigning king of Cognac when the Rémy Martin family established themselves in the region.

Four generations of talented cellar masters armed with their skills and savoir-faire had devoted their lives to creating and perfecting this precious blend. To many, LOUIS XIII, is indeed the King of Cognacs. A hundred years in the making, a quality even on its own is already unsurpassable.



 by Baptiste Loiseau – Cellar Master at the House of Rémy Martin

“LOUIS XIII is a wave of time that comes from afar. It’s a gradual wave, powerful and alive. Each decanter takes four generations of cellar masters over 100 years to craft. LOUIS XIII is the ultimate experience of the mastery of time. To taste LOUIS XIII is to experience this incomparable mastery, rooted directly in our terroir. The wave of time becomes a wave of sensations that carry you away…

The nose initially reveals elegant and light floral notes of dried roses, with honeysuckle and jasmine. Then comes luscious notes of preserved fruits along with even denser notes of dates, dried figs and even walnuts.

On the palates, the first drop of LOUIS XIII releases a palate of aromas and flavours. The walnuts and figs become softer and tinted with honey. Later on, comes heady notes of wax, tobacco and undergrowth, rolling like a second wave. Suddenly, lively fine notes burst onto the palates, disarmingly spontaneous in their youth. Fresh notes of passionfruit, lychee, thyme, and vibrant spicy notes of nutmeg, saffron and ginger, opulence and vivacity, density and lightness. These paradoxes create tension and balance that give LOUIS XIII its unpredictable elegance and modesty. The LOUIS XIII wave comes from afar and takes us further still…it has its crests, aromatic peaks…it rises and swirls, echoing one another, sensations turning into emotions, of those forgotten memories and experiences…

It is after decades of passions that produce the LOUIS XIII blend which has taken a kind of an inner  journey as well. These precious moments make us even more alive – it is one of the privileges of LOUIS XIII.

The initiation draws to a close. The aromatic persistence of LOUIS XIII is a miracle: the glass is empty but the body and spirit of LOUIS XIII remains – lots of preserved fruits, incense, wax – both ethereal and palpable, at the same time.

Yes, right up to the most present moment, LOUIS XIII, is the ultimate expression of the mastery of time.”

– Baptiste Loiseau



After 100 years, up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie are now joined in an act of true genius. Nectar of ever-lasting dried flowers, dried fruit, leather, nutmeg, sandalwood, honey and wood bark – and a length of flavour that surpasses all expectations. The complexity of the blend is displayed in exceptional length, as is the presence of rare flavours that are never apparent in a lesser eau-de-vie.

All elements are now perfectly united in a polished and mellow, nectar-rich opulence – intense, yet refined. There are more than 250 discrete flavours that an attentive taster might now identify, but never all on the same occasion. Each encounter with LOUIS XIII will be a fresh discovery.

Discover and experience this ‘Century in a Bottle’ – Il esvraiment l’art de vivre à la française (it really is the way of life, the French way)

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